Stay 4 Nights, Get 1 Free! Where the Water Always Flows. Kayaks, Tubes, Rope Swing & More!

The Vision:
Celebrate. Recreate. Elevate.

What We Believe

We believe in creating a culture of celebration. We are grateful to honor the inspiration, creativity, and love for each other and for life through consistent celebration.

Re-creating yourself is not an obligation – it’s a privilege. We are fortunate to have the chance to choose something new. To reimagine yourself. To commit to a new way of being. Self-work is hard work, so we are committed to supporting you to find joy, whether that looks like re-creation or recreation.

We embrace a never-ending journey of expanding our conscious minds, reaching for heightened levels of awareness and compassion. We are strong advocates for the perpetual growth of spirituality, intellect, physical health, and emotional well-being.

The Inspiration

Our team has embarked on its own journey of celebration, re-creation, and elevation. What was once just a lodge has transformed into something vibrant, with the addition of a new stage, event center, and an outdoor tent ready to host countless celebrations. What was old has been reborn, now offering high-quality, artistic, and eclectic accommodations, along with beautifully revitalized property grounds. Our unwavering commitment to elevation ensures that we’re constantly working to provide an ever-improving experience here at The Springs.

The vision of a healing nature retreat center was placed on the heart of founder Nick Fox when he acquired The Springs property for his family in 2021. After countless hours of envisioning, renovations and improvements, we are thrilled to now offer a one-of-a-kind nurturing space that allows people to connect, reset, transform, and celebrate with one another.


Cleanliness: providing guests with spotless and germless living spaces and well maintained grounds.

Comfort: providing guests with comfortable beds, pillows, linens and bedding, nice bathrooms, extra towels, and well appointed kitchens and living spaces, both indoor and out.

Connection: providing guests with many opportunities to connect with nature and each other, whether at the Springs, the waterfall, the pool or at night watching the stars around the community fire pit. Swimming in the healing spring water of this timeless oasis will immediately connect you to its ancient existence under the towering cypress trees.

Community: providing good stewardship of this jewel of Leakey, and making it available to the community by offering day tripper passes; being a leader in the community in implementing eco friendly products and processes, and in setting up corporate sponsorships for contributing back to the community; for example as a partner of KIRB, contributing $5 for every booking and giving 10% discount to all KIRB members for their family and friends; as a partner of Downtown Leakey, making charitable gifts to local community organizations.

Celebration: to provide our guests with a special place to come celebrate life with each other, to share love and leave with their hearts full and the peaceful easy feeling you get hanging out down by the springs.

Co-Existence: to serve and respect each other as we share the same space and time, to always choose love, forgiveness, surrender, acceptance, kindness and compassion with each other, and to be good stewards of the Planet, understanding we are all one and the same consciousness.


Nick Fox, the owner, has collaborated with his family and creative team to re-vision this 20 year lodging business to add private retreats, weddings, and events with a bit of a cosmic-cowboy twist. The Springs is truly a beautiful oasis to be enjoyed by our guests year round, no matter the season. With a private swimming hole, acres of lush land, swimming pool, and a community fire pit, The Springs offers plenty of space for guests to retreat from their daily routines.

The Foxes are dedicated to being good stewards of the land. Most locals would agree this property is Leakey’s prize jewel, a ten acre private retreat with great frontage of Leakey Springs. At The Springs, we are dedicating our business practices to sustainable solutions and alternatives that further promote community and environmental wellbeing. You will find eco-friendly products such as our natural and nontoxic toiletries in reusable bottles that are found in each cabin as well as t-shirts we have for sale made out of the environmentally friendly bamboo! We are always seeking to become more environmentally friendly, as we feel called to do our part to protect the beautiful Texas hill country and beyond.

The Foxes goal is to make your stay at The Springs as enjoyable as possible. They know that this starts with exceptional cleanliness, comfort and service. All properties are thoroughly cleaned after each checkout, including steam sprayed, and all rentals have been fitted with new couches, TVs, linens, bedding and towels, and even new pillows!

Nick believes the most special and real experience is coming back to The Springs to enjoy the peace and beauty of their private park down by the cool and refreshing springs, where you instantly feel connected and one with this natural oasis. Nick likes to remind folks how the springs always stay a good ten degrees cooler than the Frio, where he has his house, as well as the fact that no one has ever seen it run dry, unlike the Frio which has seen a dry spell or two as told by locals. The Foxes favorite time to enjoy the springs is after the sun has set beyond the cliffs, which they affectionately call “golden hour” due to the golden light illuminating the trees as they reflect up from the water. If you hang out long enough you will see the moon rise over and shine down through the tree canopy.

When it comes to service, the Foxes couldn’t be more pleased with their exceptional staff, led by property manager Suzy Roberts. Suzy is a native Texan who’s love of the Texas Hill Country drew her to a beautiful life at The Springs. She is celebrated in the community for her warm and caring heart!

Her previous endeavors involved owning and operating a florist shop, hospitality cleaning service, and vacation property management service, all which add to her impressive expertise in delivering great service. Outside of the office, you will find Suzy loving on her grandchildren, arranging flowers, tending to her plants, doing photography, and spending time with her sweet little dogs. She finds joy in creating art outside, taking pictures of wildlife, and teaching children. Suzy is usually in the office, lives on site, and is committed to making your stay the best it can be. And she will be ready to help you book your next reservation before you even leave!

Guests are always encouraged to leave requests or suggestions for making their stay even more enjoyable. Nick + Suzy love to hear directly from guests and enjoy making the rounds and meeting as many guests as possible.

The Frio Canyon has so much to offer visitors to Real County, and The Springs is perfectly situated to make your experience not only memorable, but transformative! We look forward to hosting you, together with your guests, whether family, friends or fellow retreaters. Come enjoy the beauty and the healing waters at The Springs!

Thank you all!

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